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Jenni Orton is a fun, enthusiastic,


transformation coach, licensed massage therapist, certified foot & face zone practitioner, and certified foot zone instructor who is passionate about empowering men, women, and children to live their truth!

She is a leader in the health and wellness industry teaching and mentoring individuals to receive healing and balance in their lives and businesses.

Her journey in the holistic healing field began after experiencing a challenging car accident, where she was lead to receive a foot zone treatment which expedited her healing more powerfully than anything else she'd tried; both through allopathic and natural medicine.


The foot zone technique had such a profound effect on her life that she decided to become trained in it.

She has received foot zone certifications through two different institutions: We Do Feet, and Wellness Life Zone Foot Zone Academy, respectively. She is a certified foot zone instructor for Wellness Life Zone, where she trains and certifies individuals throughout the country.

Jenni received her massage therapy training through Myotherapy College of Utah, one of the top clinical massage therapy schools in the nation, visceral manipulation training through the Barral Institute, face zone certification through the Nordbloom Institute, and her Bachelors degree in Communication from Southern Utah University.

Jenni works closely with CEO's of global businesses, contributing her gifts to support their business growth and personal success. She has extensive experience providing her bodywork services at company events, masterminds, and healing retreats.

In 2017, Jenni opened the foot zoning market on Hawaii's Big Island by training and certifying the islands first group of foot zone practitioners.


While living there, she received the unique opportunity to provide foot zones to Elders and tribal leaders of indigenous cultures from around the world who gathered on Kauai, HI for a special conference, closed to the public, to discuss how to heal the world.

She is the Owner and creator of Rejuvenating Soles, LLC., where she inspires her clients and students to raise their vibration, heal, and live true to their life purpose. 

Jenni absolutely loves what she does and is so grateful to be living a life she loves! Her unique ability to listen to the body, and to give it the support it needs to heal is a gift she offers her clients in each session.


She has a remarkable ability to help people feel empowered, safe, and embrace who they truly are. Both her ideas and her laugh are contagious—working with Jenni is a joyful journey.

Transformation Coach

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Foot Zone Practitioner

Certified Foot Zone Instructor

Certified Face Zone Practitioner

Jenni Orton

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